Thalgo Stomach & Waist Sculptor

Thalgo Stomach & Waist Sculptor

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This treatment triggers a deep tensioning in the skin layers of the belly and the waist. Sculpt Active technology, supplemented with Zingiber Extract, significantly reduces the volume of the abdominal area (objectified centimetre loss up to -4cm in the belly *), while avoiding recurrence, for a sheathed and refined waist measurement.


Up to -4cm of belly circumference
Smoother and firmer skin: 95%
More harmonious silhouette: 90%
More toned skin: 90%
Redesigned belly and waist: 76%

Expert advice:

Use morning and / or evening:
1- Distribute the product on the belly, waist and hips.
2- Carry out circular modelling with the phalanges, in the direction of the needles of a watch then of supported gliding, descending from the size to the navel.
3- Carry out kneading movements and then press down again until the product is completely absorbed.