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SKEYNDOR’s success is based on the values which reflect its history, its capacity to constantly adapt to the demands of its customers and its capacity for innovation, setting trends and winning respect due to its own special seal.

Research, the monitoring of active ingredients and advanced formulations form the basis of Skeyndor products, with the aim of obtaining visible, tangible results for men and women of today. All Skeyndor products have been dermatologically tested and are endorsed by consumer use and efficacy studies.

Modern, creative, trendsetting capacity and pursuing the latest novelties in concept and design are just some of the distinctive features that set the brand apart. Skeyndor innovations always transmit unique added value in the professional cosmetic market.

Skeyndor has marked a modern and a high quality character that far surpasses the passing trends. This characteristic sets its hallmark on all the products and services made by Skeyndor, creating a luxury cosmetic universe that will last over time.

The personality of Skeyndor is based on its capacity to form a bond with its customers. Each customer is different, unique and special. Their identity and know-how is combined with the safety of the products that Skeyndor provides.

Skeyndor customers choose each product very carefully, as part of a magical ritual that enables each treatment to be created and enhanced. Skeyndor style is naturally elegant, with style and charm.

Discretion and practicality are the terms that define Skeyndor customers, who choose the brand in order to strengthen creativity and harmony during the treatments.

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