Thalgo La Beaute Marine

A real pioneer in marine cosmetics, Thalgo developed in Thalassotherapy centres and then Beauty Salons and Spas, based on three founding values: Marine Intelligence, Professional Excellence and Commitment to Nature.

Marine Intelligence
The passion and spirit of innovation that have marked the history of THALGO are still at the very heart of the company.
THALGO "Marine Intelligence" Research is more prolific than ever, driven by the progress made in exploring the seabed, new screening and extraction techniques for marine species, marine biotechnologies, as well as advances in the cosmetics industry in terms of vectorising active ingredients, galenic forms and test protocols.
THALGO Research Centre continuously invests in innovation and the creation of new marine active ingredients. It has thus developed more than 60 active ingredients of marine or coastal origin, concentrated at the heart of the various THALGO cosmetic formulas.
Major scientific discoveries in skin biology
Backed by reputed dermatologists, THALGO researchers develop unprecedented strategies for cell activation and the correction of physiological skin disorders through the development of innovative cosmetic active ingredients.
Research study potential marine biomimicry
In collaboration with internationally renowned expert phycologists, THALGO  researchers study potential marine biomimicry with skin. They develop specific sampling, extraction and dosage protocols for each marine species in order to isolate them and concentrate their cosmetic potential.
The creation of intelligent marine active ingredients
The Research team is tasked with improving the products' efficacy by developing complexes of exclusive marine active ingredients to enhance the activation of our skin cells. This strength in marine innovation paves the way for avant-garde cosmetics, whose active molecules adapt to the needs of every skin type for immediate and lasting results.
Vectorial and sensory galenic research
THALGO Galenic Innovation researchers create innovative high-tech galenic forms that give our active ingredients the best possible vectorisation towards cells, while offering exclusive and original textures that are a source of sensory pleasure and delight. This perfect harmony between high-performance active ingredients and sensory textures that deliver effective results gradually allows us to create the marine cosmetics of the future.
Proven performance
The effectiveness and safety of all THALGO skincare products are scientifically demonstrated by in vitro and in vivo studies conducted by independent laboratories. All of these tests guarantee the irreproachable quality of our products for THALGO'S 12,000 partners worldwide. 
Professionnal Excellence
THALGO professional treatments meet exacting standards in terms of visible and measurable beauty results.
THALGO Professional Excellence is unique as it is based on an approach integrating several areas of expertise:
  • Professional treatments for Face and Body, incorporating exclusive massage techniques and manoeuvres, inspired by our partnerships with expert physiotherapists or aesthetic physicians;
  • Ingenious and unique instrumental cosmetics for heightened skincare performance, visible from the very first session;
  • A range of marine cosmetic products, formulas for which have been created in collaboration with internationally renowned phycologists and dermatologists;
  • Marine nutricosmetics (marine nutritional supplements), to act from within, at the heart of cells.

Commitment to Nature
THALGO was born from the Oceans and has always been committed to protecting the environment and the seabed.
THALGO  ensures to harvest algae responsibly (control of the reproductive cycles, satellite surveillance), to preserve the immense reservoir of life represented by the Oceans.

THALGO  strives to minimise our ecological footprint, thanks to our eco-design policy (choice of materials with the least environmental impact), an Ecocert-certified production site, photovoltaic cells and our own wastewater treatment plant.

THALGO has drawn up a Beauty Pact, which guarantees the safety and harmlessness of THALGO formulas, for safe beauty that is kind to skin and the environment: our formulas do not contain parabens, mineral oils, propylene glycol, GMOs or ingredients of animal origin*.

THALGO's Commitment to Nature is also supported by Aurore Asso, a French free-diving champion and maker of marine documentaries that raise our awareness of the fragility and the vital importance of marine ecosystems.
Last but not least, THALGO's commitment is also Socially responsible. THALGO is committed to socially responsible beauty: helping to make sick children and teenagers' dreams come true through our regular support for the Petits Princes Association, enhancing the beauty of women reintegrating into society, supporting the fight against cancer, and training blind or visually impaired pupils in beauty professions thanks to the method developed in the THALGO school are just some of the missions carried out by the THALGO teams.
* Except beeswax and collagen

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