Thalgo Anti-Ageing - Hyalu-Procollagen

With Hyalu-Procollagène, THALGO offers the 1st marine "filler *" specialist in wrinkles, combining 3 hyaluronic acids and marine pro-collagen, for:
. Instantly plump the skin
. Visibly smooth wrinkles
. Gradually fill in wrinkles, even if they are on the inside

* At THALGO - Filler = filler.

The development of their new Hyalu-ProCollagène comes as a result of dedicated consumer research and ground-breaking new innovation in marine technology. Ultimately, allowing Thalgo to capture the benefits of these two powerful ingredients.

The partnership between collagen and three unique forms of hyaluronic acid works to deliver instant results as well as cumulative changes to the skin, with the advanced wrinkle-filling galenic formulation. Thalgo’s Hyalu-ProCollagène range specifically targets the visible signs of ageing that appear during our 30’s. As well as this, the flexibility of this range allows for complimentary products to be incorporated to address specific skincare needs.

The three forms of hyaluronic, act on the three levels of the skin addressing the surface, epidermis and dermis layers. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid plumps the skin and lessens the appearance of fine lines therefore, creating an instantly youthful looking complexion. Wrinkles are then smoothed in the epidermis as medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid activates cell renewal which naturally slows with age. Gradually over time, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid fills those established wrinkles by stimulating the synthesis of collagen. These new advancements ensure you achieve a younger, ultra-smooth complexion over time.