Thalgo Age Defense Post-Peel Marine Sunscreen SPF 50

Thalgo Age Defense Post-Peel Marine Sunscreen SPF 50

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Indispensable post-peeling treatment, this very high UVA / UVB protection cream offers optimal defense to the skin. Non-comedogenic, non-greasy, non-whitening, ideal as a make-up base.


OPTIMAL protection: 100% 
INVISIBLE protection on the skin: 100% 
NON-WHITENING protection on the skin: 95% 

Expert advice:

Apply in the morning on the face and the neck, after its care cream. Care recommended after applying a peel *.

Apply your THALGO sunscreen liberally before each exposure and renew it frequently, especially after sweating, swimming or wiping yourself. Sun protectors do not guarantee 100% protection. Do not stay in the sun for too long, even if you use a sun protection product. Choose an index suitable for your skin type. By reducing the amount of sun protection, you will significantly decrease the level of protection. Overexposure to the sun is a serious health threat. Do not expose babies and young children to direct sunlight.